[Giveaway] Instagram Giveaway - #iwantmayusstuff

Hier könnt ihr Pens traden.
Wo gibt es welche Stifte? Wo bekommt man den Stift ... her?
Wie sollten die Preise aussehen? Sammelbestellungen und vieles mehr..
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[Giveaway] Instagram Giveaway - #iwantmayusstuff

Beitrag von Mayu »

Hi GPC - es wird Zeit einen kleinen aber doch interessanten Meilenstein zu feiern: 500 Instagram Follower
Für eine Übersetzung bin ich jetzt einfach mal zu faul :D

So I'm giving away a box box full of prizes.
And yes, only you can only winning by following the criterias below the picture^^


-- 500 Follower Giveaway --

You get all the suff you see in this picture and much more stuff!

How to articipate?
#1 Follow @mayu.upsb
#2 Repost/Share this post on Instagram
#3 Add the hashtag #iwantmayusstuff
#4 Post a comment below my original post where your tag your penspinning friends and write down the country you live in
#5 ???
#6 Win all this stuff!

The giveaway will end on:
March, 31. - 8pm UTC (German time)

A random follower will be chosen - if all criterias are met ;)

Some of parts of the "winners-box":
*Full Pack of #BELLCOLORS
*F1r3fly G3
*A Pack of #VIVESS Markers
*Superpirates in black and white
*ZebraTelescope Mod
*Pack of random pens with nice grip
*much more
*also: more stuff will be added as a puprise

Good luck to everyone!